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Luxury & Layla period-proof underwear absorb 3 tampons worth, prevent leaks, stains and will always keep you worry-free.


They are reusable, washable and eliminate waste from single use disposable products. 

I was skeptical to give Luxury and Layla a try, but I’m so glad I did! After receiving the first pair (knowing I could return them within 60 days if I wasn’t in love with them), I immediately ordered more. The fabric feels great, and the absorbent/waterproof part keeps you totally covered. Washing them is also a breeze. Honestly what made me come back to order more is that this young company started on the right foot! All the packing is compostable or recyclable which is really important to me. And they have a textiles recycling program. I am amazed, and thrilled to support them!

—  M. Geiger

July 8, 2020

When you throw away your old undies, they are sent directly to the landfill - where they leach toxic chemicals into the earth.

Send us a box of old intimates to recycle and we'll send you a free pair of Luxury & Layla's.

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