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I’ve heard about these but I waited a long time to invest in them. I wish I never waited! The peace of mind that comes from these is worth every penny. They are comfortable, work well with no leaks and are easy to clean. At first I only bought two to try but I like them so much I bought two more.

The pair I ordered arrived on my last day of my period. It was light, but I was able to wear them at night with no other protection while sleeping and I felt so secure. I usually wear a size 14 jeans in Old Navy jeans, and I ordered a size XXL as per their size guide based on inches after I measured myself. Fit was great, snug in the right places, but not tight. I love that the thin padding inside the underwear goes from the front, all the way to the back. Would definitely recommend 😉

Great quality period panties - not bulky at all. I was not sure which size to buy so I got both the small and the medium. They do NOT run small like a lot of other brands. I looked at the brands sizing chart and measured my hips. I am a 38.5” hip (which would mean that I am a medium) and I would say I fit comfortably in the small, the medium is a tad bit large. I am very happy with the level of absorbacy. I used them for a very active week of skiing and I didn’t have any issues with leaking. I highly recommend these panties and will be ordering more.

I'm a 65 yr old female that due to medicine I now take, has minor incontinent problems. These panties are great! They look good, feel good and work. Easily wear daily without concern regarding appearance and/or fit. Am ordering so that I have a pair a day and one to spare!

I received my Luxury and Layla period proof panties this week and absolutely LOVE them!!! I wear a size 8 in jeans and
ordered a medium and they fit PERFECTLY! They are super comfortable and light weight. The fabric is soft and stretchy. I love how there is full frontal and rear coverage protection. The quality is excellent!!! An added bonus is the attractive compostable packaging! I love that this company is concerned about the environment. Will definitely be getting another pair!

I got these panties because I get baby rash really bad with pads. I wanted to try them out to see if they would help at all and can I just say that these are the best underwear I own. They are super comfy, look like normal undies and absorb well! All of the packaging is compostable and recyclable which is really great. I absolutely love these and I would highly recommend them for anyone!

I really love these panties. It is a simple, discreet design good for much more than just periods! The material is so soft and the fit is really nice! I'm really excited for Luxury & Layla to come out with more styles because while the panties are really comfy I definitely prefer mine to be a bit higher waisted.

I really liked that the coverage goes all the way from the front to the back instead of just covering the main areas. I slept in it overnight and had no leakage issues. I even did a hot yoga class in them and felt very comfortable.

These panties are surprisingly super cute! They fit great with a perfectly high but not too high waist (I am a size small with a short torso). The attention to detail with the lace trim and fit make them not only functional but also flattering. They have soft, cottony fabric on the inside making them comfortable against the skin.

Product is extremely well made, very excellent quality and amazing customer service