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I’ve heard about these but I waited a long time to invest in them. I wish I never waited! The peace of mind that comes from these is worth every penny. They are comfortable, work well with no leaks and are easy to clean. At first I only bought two to try but I like them so much I bought two more.

The pair I ordered arrived on my last day of my period. It was light, but I was able to wear them at night with no other protection while sleeping and I felt so secure. I usually wear a size 14 jeans in Old Navy jeans, and I ordered a size XXL as per their size guide based on inches after I measured myself. Fit was great, snug in the right places, but not tight. I love that the thin padding inside the underwear goes from the front, all the way to the back. Would definitely recommend 😉

Great quality period panties - not bulky at all. I was not sure which size to buy so I got both the small and the medium. They do NOT run small like a lot of other brands. I looked at the brands sizing chart and measured my hips. I am a 38.5” hip (which would mean that I am a medium) and I would say I fit comfortably in the small, the medium is a tad bit large. I am very happy with the level of absorbacy. I used them for a very active week of skiing and I didn’t have any issues with leaking. I highly recommend these panties and will be ordering more.

When you throw away your old undies,

it's a one-way ticket to the landfill. And most textiles leach toxic chemicals into the earth. Not cool.

Each time you send us a box of old underwear to recycle, we'll add a FREE pair of Luxury & Layla's in with your next order.

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