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When you send us a box of old intimates to recycle, we'll send you a free pair of Luxury & Layla's.  We will also recycle your bras, tights, leggings and even your old socks.

We’ve partnered with a NYC non-profit (Green Tree Textiles) to properly recycle your intimates. So send us your your old undies and Green Tree will take care of them for you. Recycled intimates are repurposed into rags or insulation material.  Did you know that 95% of textiles that end up in the trash can actually be recycled?

Green Tree was founded to recycle unwanted textiles material including clothing, shoes, accessories and household linens that would otherwise end up in our already overburdened landfills. Their recycling services support people, who are disadvantaged and those in transition.

Watch The Process

Most recycled clothing is turned into insulation.

See It In Action
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Undies are sorted

by fiber makeup

Old textiles are broken down and made into new fiber

Recycled fibers are

turned into rags & insulation.

Fun Fact

 Through the recycling process most clothing is turned into "shoddy", which is the recycled textile material that is used for insulation and stuffing purposes. For instance, you can find shoddy in the trunk of any car under the carpet, its color is usually blue or grey.

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