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Holds up to 3 regular tampons worth (27 ML). 

  • Menstrual cup: Holds 1 menstrual cup's worth.
  • Panty liner: Holds 4 pantyliners' worth.
  • Pads: Holds  1 1/2 pads' worth.
  • ML: Holds 27ml worth.


Ultra Thin layers of luxurious cotton combined with high performance fabrics found in top-of-the-line yoga and exercise gear, make Luxury & Layla's anti-microbial, odor-resistant, moisture-wicking, super absorbent, highly breathable & seriously leak resistant. 


These wonders were expertly designed to offer full frontal & rear protection. Luxury & Layla’s can absorb up to 3 regular tampons worth of liquid. Wear solo if you have a light to medium flow. If you have a heavy flow, change them when needed or they can be used as back up to your normal routine.


Color: Black
  • Designed in NYC to offer a full coverage fit with frontal & rear protection.

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