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Please follow these easy steps:

1.  Pack up your oldies in a cardboard box or paper mailer. 


*A minimum of 10 items is required in order to receive a free pair of Luxury & Layla's*

 (Socks don't count towards the 10 items but please feel free to send them as well) Please note - there is a limit of 1 free pair of underwear per recycling submission.  If you send 4 separate boxes you will receive 1 free pair of underwear.*  There is also a limit of 1 free pair of underwear per customer.  We encourage you to keep sending in recyclables but you will not receive additional free undies after your first recycling submission. 


2.  Take a photo of your shipping label & tracking number.

3.  Send the photo of the shipping label to: LAYLA@LUXURYANDLAYLA.COM

*Please also reconfirm what exactly you will be sending in to recycle*.


4.  Once we have received the photo of your shipment with the tracking number then we will send you a free pair of Luxury & Layla's. 

Ship your recyclables to: 


C/O Luxury & Layla

834 Whittier St

Bronx NY. 10474

It's that easy.  Thanks for recycling :)!

Have more questions?     

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